What men want on dates

As we all know, men and women are different creatures! As a woman, you might well know what you ideal date would involve… but do you know what your date wants from the evening? Here are the top five things men say they want:

1. To be with someone who is genuinely happy and engaging

Being hard work on a date is one of the top turnoffs for men. Men enjoy feeling masculine but they don’t want to do all the work all night. They want to be with someone whose company they can enjoy.

And they aren’t too hung up on good looks or posh frocks – they would rather share a laugh, be listened to, engage in some friendly banter and be rewarded with genuine smiles and appreciation.
2. Not to hear all your problems

Even though women may foster intimacy between themselves by sharing problems, this doesn’t work so well for men, especially in a dating setting. When men hear problems they think they are being asked to fix them.

If they can’t fix them it can leave them feeling deflated and inadequate. (Or else, perish the thought, they see your nagging potential!) Continue reading What men want on dates

Online Dating: Long term relationships vs. Casual ones

Are you looking for a partner? A date? A friend? Welcome to the world of online dating where you can browse through thousands of profiles of singles, both young and old, and can definitely find the perfect someone who you have been looking for!

There are numerous websites that offer the facility of online dating to their users. Interestingly, these websites are used as by teenagers, adults as well as older singles who are looking for suitable partners.

No matter which nook or corner of the globe you are located in, you can surely find a date site that allows you to meet other singles for casual or serious relationships. But, are there any rules for finding a date on the Internet? Well, let’s see.

Your online behavior should typically depend upon whether you are browsing through the profiles of other singles for a casual relationship or flirting or a long term relationship. If you are not interested beyond a casual friendship, make sure your profile reflects that in a good way and allows other people looking simply for fun to drop you a message.

You must understand that there are thousands of people who visit dating sites to find actual love and companions for a lifetime. Therefore, it is best to chalk out your priorities at the very beginning of registering on a virtual dating website.

Those looking simply for a casual relationship are free to talk to dozens of people at the same time, while ensuring to not seem to be ‘into’ someone in particular. They should not provide false commitments to those looking for long term relationships as that might not only hurt the other person but also spoil their own online reputation. Continue reading Online Dating: Long term relationships vs. Casual ones

Its Important to Look Great for an Online Date!

I know a lot of people who are actively into online dating, chat day in and day out with numerous hot and attractive singles but shy away from meeting them face to face.

I wonder why! The very first thing that strikes me is, if someone you’ve met online is interested in talking to you and has in fact been talking to you for quite some time, it strongly indicates that the person has a liking towards you.

Now if you are looking forward to finding a date online, you’ve got to take that chance and meet the person you have been talking to on the virtual screen in real. It’s the fear of rejection, most of you would say.

What if the person you’ve been dating virtually for weeks or months does not like you in real? Well, I’ve been in that spot too and with experience, have only learnt things for the better.

When I started to delve into the world of online dating, I too was not sure whether meeting the person in real life would generate the same level of excitement and intrigue. Nevertheless, given the amount of time I had already spent in getting to know this hot, single woman, I thought meeting her in real was worth giving a try.

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Little did I know that she would not like (or approve of) my dressing sense at all! He result, I never saw her online again! Lesson learnt; you cannot take your online date for granted. Since first impressions are usually the last impressions (or at least as it seemed in my case), you do have to make the extra effort to at least look presentable (and by that I mean your very best) in front of the other person! Continue reading Its Important to Look Great for an Online Date!